Student Essays

What I Would Do If I Could Speak English

If I could speak English perfectly I will help people who don’t know how to speak English or new to America. I will help my parent to go to hospital or somewhere. Also, I will help my community.
-Naw N., age 14

If I could speak English perfectly, I wouldn’t be shy to ask questions or answer a question. I will help people who don’t know English but only if I know their language. I know that it hard for my parents to understand English so I will help them by that. It will easy to find job, too.
-Klay, age 11

If I could speak English perfectly, I will help people that not speak English and when I grow up, I want to be perfect doctor. And I want to help my parent. And go back to my country and help them.
-Wah W., age 12

When I speak English, I will help people when they don’t know how to speak English. I will make friend with peoples speak English. I can make anything I want. It easy for me to make friends. I feel good when I speak, very happy.
-Say Ro H., age 12

I will help my people if I could speak English. It hard to be a kid in America if I don’t speak English because if I don’t know English I don’t have a good job. If I could speak English and understand English perfectly I will have a good job and help my people.
-Eh B., age 13

I will translate for people that do not understand English. When my mom go to a hospital if she can not understand I will help her. I will be a English teacher and go back to Thailand to teach English. I will also work at the place that people all speak English. If I will speak English really well I think I will find a easy job.
-Justa P., age 11

I will talk to my friend and play with my friend. I will go to stores and talk to the shopper. And read a book and watch movies.
-True S., age 8

If I can speak English I will save my money in the bank and I will hang out with my friend and I will go shopping.
-Mu Si B., age 8

If I could speak English I would read a lot of books.
-Rosemary, age 8